Saturday, August 21, 2010

Church School Lesson: God First

Matthew 6:33
but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

To lead our children to have the right attitude towards things, so they will love and trust God rather than money or anything else.

Jesus warned about being greedy. A rich farmer had good crops, he planned to keep everything for himself. He foolishly thought only of this life. Christian should not worry about food and clothes. God provides for birds and flowers. We should think of ways to please God and our treasure stored in Heaven. Those who put God first know true happiness.

1. Get the children to trace their hand print.
2. Write down GOD FIRST in big font in the middle.
3. You can use creep paper (roll it) or any form of decorative items and stick on the word to make GOD FIRST stand out.
Suggestion: For younger toddler (e.g. 3) I suggest to use creep paper (roll it, small one) as their hand print is small, the wording cannot be too big. Not enough place.

When they complete the craft, Hi-5 with them and shout "GOD FIRST" :)
They like it! and whenever they Hi-5, they will remember "GOD FIRST"!

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